Note to Self: Be Kind

Christmas in the wedding industry has always been a busy one. Nothing like a deadline to make you panic if you’re still adding more to your to-do list than you’re taking off! I think it’s also a time when self employed folk can neglect themselves a little too much and run themselves in to the ground. Since I started Love Gets Sweeter in 2010 I have been sick every single Christmas. The day I’d stop work, my body crashed. I’d spend my days/weeks off in bed feeling sorry for myself…


Christmas 2014 – Paisley was cooking nicely in the little oven…

This Christmas wasn’t much different, though you could class it as a little more hectic as usual when you add in a baby’s first Christmas to the already epic to-do list. Part of me was obviously super excited about celebrating Paisley’s first Christmas but I have to be honest and say a huge part of me was quite anxious about my work as I knew I would (and wanted to) take time off for Christmas to enjoy being a family of 3. Previous years I may sneak in a bit of work here and there during that Christmas limbo section before New Year but I didn’t want to do that this time so put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to get lots of work done.

PaisleyDecorating Christmas

Paisley helping me make our house all festive!

It got to the middle of December and I realised that even with the best intentions I was not going to get my list all ticked off and so I made (what I felt was) the brave decision to email clients and let them know that I’m still working tirelessly on their gorgeous wedding films but they weren’t going to be ready for Christmas. At first I felt really gutted about this as I think my brain was still working on ‘pre-baby work deadlines’ but after getting some really amazing responses and Christmas well wishes from my amazingly understanding clients I felt sooooo much better.

This is quite a common issue with the self-employed…self doubt. Always questioning if decisions are the best ones, if we’re doing the best we can, if people like what we’re doing…the list is endless. I had to make the decision to have a break for my own sanity but to also have some proper family time, away from my business and day to day stresses. I LOVE my job but have to make a concious effort to have some family time and some ‘me’ time (that last one I’m still working on…never enough hours in the day).

So, after all the stresses that were December I start back to work in January still a little overwhelmed by my to-do list BUT I had a break. An actual break. A way to refuel a little and enjoy some Paisley time. If I’d have worked I would have felt guilty that I’d missed out on some fun baby developments (she’s trying to walk, loves pointing and loves lift the flap books now too) and that sort of time you can’t get back. So yes, I’m still a little stressed as the work I didn’t do still needs to be done but I hope that keeping my couples in the loop and trying to be a bit more relaxed about my personal deadlines that 2016 will be a little less chaotic so I can enjoy the run up to our next Christmas together a little more…

This year my aims are…

To do fun stuff with Paisley each week. We’re currently signed up to Sing and Sign!

To do something for me. Bootcamp once a week just isn’t enough.

To use 2015 to work out how my work flow has adjusted post baby and use that to my advantage this year. As they say in Girl Guides (Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for Paisley to get in to all that) ‘Be Prepared’

To get out more. It may sound odd but as I only have a few full days without Paisley I tend to stay indoors and hammer my work. That gets lonely. I need to talk to actual adults and not just on Facebook…

Be Kind. Being Self Employed and a Mum you’re forever being kind to others and putting others first. Try to be kind to yourself too, whether that’s with work pressures or treating yourself to something nice (I’m thinking a massage…).


Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I hope there’s something from this post you can take away and help your own work/life/family balance too xx

Paisley meets Santa babies first Christmas

When Paisley met Santa for the first time…and our Christmas limbo trip to Crosby Beach to see the Iron Men.


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