FILM – Reflecting on an amazing year…

We are racing towards a very BIG milestone in our lives. Miss P’s 1st birthday. The big 1. I honestly cannot believe it’s nearly here! The Facebook event is set up for friends (isn’t that how it’s done now…? I wish I’d had time for proper invites, I love snail mail myself and it feels more personal) and my mother in law has picked up the paper pom poms and other party decor. I’ve got a few cake recipes to trial before the big day and we’ve even ordered her a birthday Boden dress (we’re obsessed). It feels like it’s coming too fast, I’m don’t feel ready for it…saying that, it’s probably the perfect time for a bit of reflection over the last 11.5 months and to really savour all the amazing things we’ve experienced as a new family as well as the challenges we’ve faced. Even business wise I’ve made notes of how the last year went and where I can focus my energy better.

So, as I was in a reflective mood I ended up watching a very special film I made. Initially, what with my obsession with video and all, I had made it to make her Dad cry on Father’s Day as a surprise. It did the trick and he watched it over and over again. He loved it that much we thought it would be good to do an updated version for Paisley’s Christening a few months later and so I worked hard to tweak it just in time. We did do a screening but I wish I’d thought ahead, the sound wasn’t loud enough so it didn’t really have the impact I’d hoped for…typical creative and controlling me!

Below is said film. I really wanted to share it with you, not to show off my work and wait for all the ego building praise but, to share how wonderful it is to capture little moments on video/ film. It’s quite scary seeing how much she changes, every day at the moment it’s like she’s grown and learnt a new skill that I feel I can’t even keep up. When you put it all together from the early days to now it’s overwhelming and my heart bursts watching it all. It was a hard film to make as I had filmed so much and it couldn’t all make it in (no-one wants to watch hours of a baby gurgling, even when it’s your own baby) but I’m so pleased I have this and hope that each year I can do another little something to keep capturing those memories. It’s clear to say I film so much that I hardly take any photos and that’s why a lot of my images are professional ones (thanks Kelly at Image Splash in Manchester) because she does it so much better than me!

Password is princesspaisley

I hope you enjoyed seeing Paisley ‘so far’ and it’s inspired you to remember to keep capturing those precious moments. Even on your phone is good enough, my phone captures some great HD stuff I may even edit that in next time…


2 thoughts on “FILM – Reflecting on an amazing year…

  1. Oh I’m so pleased to hear that. I need to work on something still…I haven’t even edited her Christening film I have been so busy. Worst case this film will be on loop that’s for sure. We don’t take enough photos and I think that’s why I’m always keen to hire a professional in now and then. Although I take a decent photo it’s never quite the same!


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