Happiness Non-Negotiables

I actually have an Happiness Planner. You may have seen these pop up on your Facebook pages or Instagram as they’re the new mindfulness thing making waves. I’m still filling in the first few pages to be honest and yet to start my daily diary because I’m totally over thinking it all and worrying about what to write and where to start.

When Mrs Lighty from All Things Spliced nominated me for this I was initially filled with a bit of anxiety as it would mean being totally honest and admitting that I haven’t been looking after myself. But after reading through some of the other bloggers posts doing the rounds I realised I could totally do this and this can be the nudge I need to finally get started on that Happiness diary and putting myself first (every now and then, let’s not get too carried away).

As others before me I’ve decided to omit the husband, Paisley and family because they’re a given in making me super happy and I thought it’d make me think a bit more outside the box…



I LOVE music. Whether it be listening to it on the radio or going to a live gig, it’s a huge part of my life. I’ve seen all sorts from Bon Jovi in Times Square to PJ and Duncan at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall. I may offend some people with my love of all things cheese (Steps, Backstreet Boys, Damage, Girls Aloud, Britney Spears…gosh, I’m so 90’s) but it makes me so happy. At the moment One Direction’s track ‘History’ literally makes me giddy with happiness. It comes on the radio and I get totally get lost in the music. What I really love is that Paisley appears to have that love for music too. There’s nothing better at the moment than prancing around to Bruno Mars with her and I’ve lost count of the amount of times she’s dosed off at night with me singing TLC’s Waterfalls…



Good food. Eating, baking, making…I’m known to plan my days around food I’m that obsessed. Add good company and it can make the food even better. I will eat most things (except mushrooms…bleugh) and have been known to have extra garlic in everything but cereal (garlic…mmmmmm). I’ve also been known to make appreciative noises whilst eating and ordering dessert even though I’m stuffed because the desserts menu was soooooo good.

I’ve been very spoilt as the other half has booked me in for a bread making course locally later in the year. It’s only thing I’ve not been able to do as much as I did pre baby but when I do get the chance I can spend hours perfecting my rise…



It took me a while to find something I really Iove but once I found it I threw myself in to it. I discovered yoga and pilates in London working on Mr Bean but struggled to find a good teacher back up north for a long while. I then came across Bikini Body Bootcamp and since that first post workout burn (where I couldn’t even sit down because my legs and bum hurt THAT MUCH) I’ve been hooked. I practiced yoga right up until Paisley arrived and even went to Bootcamp until a few weeks before (at that point I think I was making people nervous I’d bring on early labour!) and loved feeling so calm and strong.

Once I was given the all clear post birth to exercise I did try my best but so much got in the way I found it hard to get to class. I’m working on it though. If I know I won’t make class for whatever reason I will try and work out at home at least 3 times a week and so far it’s working. And,I feel so much better for it! Above was me taking part in a Yogathon For Alzheimers which my sister in law Keri Lincoln Yoga did an amazing job organising!


Skincare and make-up.

Initially my love for this stemmed from trying to tame and cover my inflamed acne. Now I love having some time to play with make-up and trying out new looks and techniques (though I don’t always go out as a cat, this was for Halloween). Make-up bloggers are amazing to follow and I can thank Lisa Eldridge for getting me hooked on following her amazing tutorials. More recently I’m getting in to My Pale Skin blog, A Model Recommends and Tanya Burr and  hope I have more chances to practice my skills in the near future. I’m a little sad I’ve not been able to rock the false lashes for a while but I’m sure there’s plenty of time for that…


Non-Alcoholic cocktails.

Once pregnant I quit the booze and as I started breastfeeding I made the decision to continue on the sober route. It’s not been a huge change for me as I only drank socially and it was always premium vodkas over wine and beer. What I did struggle with initially was finding nice alternatives when out and I’d always end up on tap water. Thankfully bars are catching up and are getting inventive when it comes to the ‘mocktail’. I even went on a cocktail making night with some of my Bikini Body Boot Camp girls and they tweaked some of the recipes to make them virgin cocktails all for me (and they were so nice I ended up writing the ingredients down! The one in the photo was an amazing ginger beer one)


And I know everyone is doing 5 but to add a cheeky bonus one I wanted to mention…


I’ve always loved seeing the world and even met Lee in Minnesota! We’ve been to so many amazing places from New York and Hong Kong to Thailand, the Maldives and I will even throw the Cotswolds in there as it is truly stunning there. We’ve already taken Paisley to North Yorkshire and Belgium and we have a trip planned to Greece next month. I hope she falls in love with travelling too and we can show her some more amazing parts of our beautiful planet…

What are your happiness non-negotiables? Did they change once you started a family? Or even change once you started your business? Would love to hear them. I’m meant to nominate other bloggers but I’m new to this so need to make some new blogger friends so I can give them a bit of food for thought too…


3 thoughts on “Happiness Non-Negotiables

  1. Ah I love this post. So lovely to find out a bit more about the face behind the blog 🙂 knew you’d put food in there 😉 love all the photos as well, especially the one of you as a cat(?), very funny! I need to get on and do my post for this.


  2. Love this! Sorry to have made you anxious to start with though, you really didn’t have to do it if you didn’t want to. I started a happiness diary when I did CBT but it’s got a bit lost so I ought to start it back up off the back of these posts!! Wish I’d added travel to my list too now! PS, my music tastes are exactly the same as yours. When it was our 30ths, I asked for song requests to give to our DJ. Our friend Tom summed it up perfectly when he said “what you want is not to go as cheesy as The Birdie Song but you wouldn’t mind a little bit of S Club 7 thrown in” 😆 Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh S Club 7 too, I knew all the dance routines!

      I think as I was anxious because I knew I’d not really been doing much for ‘me’ and I’ve been told off for that a lot recently. I will make more effort…little steps I think as I can go a bit ‘all or nothing’ haha.

      Thanks for reading and also for nominating!

      Liked by 1 person

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