Our Secret Getaway

You may not know it but the McNabbs have been on a family holiday…


You see, Daddy likes to keep private during our times away and not post photos and check in at every opportunity and I like to respect that. I actually agree with him (for a change) as we’ve joked a few times when our friends message us or whatsapp whilst their away that they must be sat in silence together on their phones. Though I am alone whilst typing this. It was our last day of holiday because Lee was enjoying a Euro 2016 game in peace as Paisley napped.  Gloomy clouds have rolled in over the mountains and threaten rain so we were both making the most of the down time. Win win!




Technically another big reason for radio silence is security. With my business address being easily accessed and  having a good social media pressence we don’t really want to be like ‘hey, look we are away. Come rob us as our house is empty!’ Overthinking it? Maybe. Probably. Still, better to be safe than sorry and enjoy posting a few snaps once we are back so we can delay those post holiday blues. I do plan to make a film again like I have with holidays previous to this but with a wedding in a few days and wedding season in full swing it may take me a little longer than usual…


Paisley is a lucky girl and it’s her second holiday abroad, our first being to Belgium, and we’ve been up to so much it deserves another post or two to share our success (and epic fail) stories. With Bruges we nearly didn’t go after having to postpone to due terror threats and transport being on lockdown. This time we arrived safe and have enjoyed all that Kefelonia had to offer (bar sailing as Lee doesn’t cope well out at sea!)

Minimising technology on holiday has been great for me. Running your own business is a 24hr job and add a toddler to the mix it’s thouroughly exhausting so I made a conscious effort to invest time in myself and my family by only checking emails twice in 10 days and only popping on Facebook during a well deserved nap break (that’s if I wasn’t napping myself or doing a spot of HIIT or Yoga, I’ve never been good at laying in the sun for hours even before the baby!). It has been pretty refreshing. As much as I love my phone, blogging, taking photos and Instagram it can take you away from the moment sometimes don’t you think? It’s amazing how quickly you get back in to it though but I’m proud to say it wasn’t all about catching up on Facebook this time as I was dying to know how to make a homemade pita bread, chicken gyros and tzatziki!

So it’s back to reality for us but we are weaning ourselves back in slowly before my next wedding on Saturday. I plan to attempt these pitas tomorrow so I had best get some rest as I am sure Paisley will want to help in the kitchen tomorrow…


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