Father’s Day 2016

Hope you all had a nice Father’s Day, whether it was celebrating with your own Dad’s, Father in Law’s or your partners for their 1st/2nd/3rd etc Father’s Day. 2016 saw us celebrating our 2nd Father’s Day as a family, I can’t believe I’m even saying that…2! Crazy how time flies.


This was us enjoying the view at Museum of Liverpool. We wanted somewhere to get out of the rain and allow Paisley to run about and explore, this was perfect!

I had a very long and busy wedding day on the Saturday and with only coming back from our holiday on the Wednesday getting the gifts together was a bit of rush but I think they went down well. After all, Mother’s Day was so impressive (I was booked on to a local bread-making course, one I take later this year) I had to make sure I at least looked like I’d thought about him!

As you can see Paisley opted for a Liverpool FC kit with ‘Paisley’ on the back. She already loves football, be it watching it with her Daddy or kicking her new football around, so it seemed the perfect choice. She also loves her tickly beard kisses from Daddy but Mummy…not so much. So I did a bit of research and got a great taster set of beard oils from The Bearded Man Company. He’s fussy so this was the perfect gift of something he actually wanted but without risking getting one that had a smell he wasn’t fond of (more common that you think I’m lead to believe after reading soooooo many reviews!). No we have the issue of picking a favourite as they all smell so nice. The first to be trialled was the Sicillian Lemon which seems to be a hit as the others are yet to get a look in!

The gifts were only a token really. For us it is another opportunity to celebrate our little family and to make sure Lee knows how much he means to us. Paisley is such a Daddy’s girl already and I think she’s had so much fun spending 2 full weeks with him. I don’t know who is going to be more sad with him now back at work…


My Dad passed away more than 10 years ago now so no celebrating that as such but it’s always nice to take time to remember them and I imagine there’s a lot of people missing their Dad’s even more when they see so many people celebrating on Facebook.

This picture sums up our relationship. My sister was and still is a total Daddy’s girl but I was never really that close and always felt my love was a little forced at times. So many reasons I’ve explored over the years…maybe that’s one for another post when I’m feeling brave enough to share.

I hope whether it was a happy or sad time for you that you were still able to cherish some memories and make some new ones…


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