18 Months. How Has That Happened…?

My phone beeped this morning to tell me that my little lady is 18 months old today. How…? Not how did the phone know, I was sad enough to put that reminder in myself but, how…how did she grow to be a toddler so quickly?


Photos thanks to Image Splash

In many ways those newborn days seem so far away yet I can still remember that soft, wrinkly skin. That newborn wobbly head (as Lee’s Aunt said, it’s like their head isn’t screwed on). The jerky hand and feet movements that seemed so alien to us. We’ve watched her grow so fast and as much as I’ve tried to take it all in I really wish I could hit the pause button and have a breather. Please, slow down a little and let me soak it in…

I’d love to spend time reflecting on an amazing 18 months but I have a million things to do, wedding films to edit and DVD’s to create. If I can squeeze in a cup of tea at some point in the next few months that would be awesome too. What I will share is that it really does get easier and although the goal posts get moved a little bit when our newborn turns in to crawler and then they turn in to a toddler, those days of feeling clueless and a bit lost are few and far between the more we grow as parents (at least when compared to those first few months!). Whatever you’re struggling with now, it will pass. It will get easier. To help get through those tougher times speak up, share your experiences and ask for help. We have either been there or going through the same and it’s hugely reassuring when you find that out after thinking you were totally alone! It usually turns out pretty much everyone else was thinking the same too (damn you media trying to create Mummy wars!).

I MUST work on continuing to make those mini films I love to create (you can see the first film I made here) but as ever my wedding work has taken over…I WILL work on one soon though, I promise. More to help slow this time down a little, to reflect on the amazing things we’ve done together and the little developments here and there. Here’s to another crazy, fun-filled 18 months and hopefully many more amazing things to film!



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