About Me

I’ve always loved a to-do list, and even a list of lists to keep work and personal stuff separate. Then on the other hand I’d leave said list at home when I’d nip to the shops so I’m not always perfectly planned! It’s no surprise really that I was quite the planner when it came to getting pregnant, pregnancy itself and even attempting to juggle the baby with work and my business. Then baby arrived and I soon realised it’s pretty hard to plan with a baby…

My name is Charlene and I am the proud Mum of Paisley and Wife to Lee. I run a successful wedding film (also known as videography) business called Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Films in Lancashire though I film all over the U.K. Being quite the planner I spent a lot of time researching while working during pregnancy, I’m obsessed with learning and found facts about pregnancy and babies fascinating. When baby arrived a lot of that did help but I did find a lot of my planning didn’t…well, go to plan!

I wanted to create this blog to share what I have learnt so far in the hope that it could help someone else sat reading and researching while pregnant or during a night feed. I’m often called a ‘Super Mum’ because I’m juggling my business alongside bringing up a baby, attempting to be a good wife and still have a life. I was working right up until due date and back at my desk only 3 weeks in to Paisley’s young life. It may look like I’m a Super Mum on the outside sometimes but it really is a case of just having to do it all! Having so much on can become too much so I’m sure I can bore you all with how I attempt to find that perfect work/life balance without damaging my child or suffering too badly from ‘Mummy Guilt’.

Deep down I hope working so hard and doing a job I love will become an inspiration for my little lady…


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